Smart Family Meet 2020 - Görlitz (DE) - Liberec (CZ) - Jelenia Góra (PL) - Wroclaw (PL)

Места, маршруты, полезная информация для путешественников.

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Smart Family Meet 2020 - Görlitz (DE) - Liberec (CZ) - Jelenia Góra (PL) - Wroclaw (PL)

Сообщение AppleOskar » 14 дек 2019, 22:35

Dear smart maniacs :)
Please have a look at our event website:
The official registraion for the event is open! :)
Please understand that our website is not 100 percent ready. We are working to give more informations.
And in this time only polish and english version.
versions in other languages are coming soon.
Partcipation fees:
Please understand that we must atake a participation fee from every visitor (childs up to 15 years are free).
We have to pay for rent the area for 1st pre event.
In the partcipation fee for the 2nd free event is the entrance fee for technic museum and the costs for catering included and for main ebvent we must pay for rent the airfield, for security and ambulance and we must organize the complete infrastructure for our event.

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